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Windows 11 features

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Windows 11 features

windows 11 feature
Windows 11 features

1. Switch Screen on/off

Window 8 have the simple incredible feature of screen lock, yet that isn't helpful for work area and PC clients by any stretch of the imagination. It may be included for tablets and comparative sorts of most recent devices, yet it doesn't give any profit to PCs. Despite the fact that there is the unique element of the crippling lock screen is included the window 8 yet that is an extremely confused process, and huge numbers of the clients won't discover this choice in Windows 8. That is the reason individuals have requested that this component ought to be either expelled from the window 11 or ought to be given in the errand bar.

2. Customized Desktop Background

The start screen in window 8 isn't useful for redoing foundation, and that is the reason Microsoft has given worked in pictures to conceal this blemish. In any case, clients can't utilize some other picture on their begin screen, so they need to utilize the default picture. Individuals have asked for to the Microsoft that they should include altered work area foundation so individuals can make the most of their most loved pictures as their record profile picture and in addition on the work area.


Windows refresh warning alarms are additionally expelled from the window 8, and individuals were irritated with this choice. In Windows 8 you need to physically check the windows refreshes as your work area won't give you alarms. In past adaptations of windows, individuals can undoubtedly stay up with the latest with no issue as it generally shown refresh message in notices in the assignment bar. That is the reason individuals have requested to include this element in the Windows 11, to appreciate extraordinary figuring background.

4. Custom color and font option

It is one of the greatest miss that individuals have enrolled in window 8 since this element is incapacitated in this window form. Individuals have lost this component a great deal as they were not ready to change the shading plan, textual style, and style. In any case, it is normal that this component will be incorporated into Windows 11 so individuals can make changes as indicated by their liking.

5. Aero glass transparency

This feature was acquainted with the world in Windows Vista, and individuals valued this thought since they can appreciate straightforwardness impacts on their PCs. It was all going great till window 7 yet in Microsoft expelled this component in window 8. Numerous individuals host began utilizing third get-together programming to bring that impact, and that makes their framework inclined to crash. That is the reason they have requested to incorporate Aero Glass Transparency include in their Wishlist of Windows 11.

6. Offer quick access to power

In the past rendition of all window stages, control choices were given in the begin menu, and individuals can get to the options, for example, restart, rest mode (rest), close down, and so on easily. Be that as it may, window 8 had made it intense as the vast majority of the general population can't find the power alternatives. In Windows 8 all the power alternatives are moved into charms bars which are near unthinkable for new clients to comprehend that include. Window 11 will be created by window 8, and individuals are requesting power choice ought to be given in this window. Individuals are likewise suggested that it ought to be incorporated into the client picture given in begin screen.

7. Control ribbon in windows explorer

Microsoft Windows gangs Ribbon User Interface in its Explorer, which is a substitution of Command bar present in Window 7. Strip UI is the exceptionally advantageous component that enables individuals to get to different applications on the first go, yet a large portion of the window clients don't care for this alternative. Loads of individuals have tweeted on Microsoft official tweeter account that they should cripple this element from window 11.

8. Direct Log in to Desktop

There is the colossal issue with Window 8 and Windows 10 that it boots specifically into begin screen and after that you have to tap on the work area symbol for showing the applications. We realize that it's anything but a major ordeal to deal with this component yet following couple of days this issue will end up bad tempered. That is the reason individuals are requesting that window 11 should accompany the alternative of debilitate or empower this component. That will give genuinely necessary help to individuals, and they don't need to confront this issue in Windows 11.

9. The alternative between start screen and start Menu

Window 8 and Windows 10 screens look great, however that isn't working legitimately with different gadgets that individuals use in their ordinary life. There are different highlights of window 8 (tiles choice) that are advantageous for tablets, however they don't work with full usefulness on work area and PC. Individuals with PCs like to have symbol on their PC, and that is the reason it ought to contain begin menu so they can without much of a stretch use Window 11.

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