Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Top Indian Telecom company not applied for BBNL in india

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Top Indian Telecom company not applied for BBNL in india

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Top Indian Telecom companies have not applied for the 10,000 crore tender for almost 1.25 Lakh Wifi hotspot in almost 2.5 lack villages in India.

It is concerned that in this tender it will be covered almost 2.5 Lakh villages Panchayat for accessing internet from free wifi connecting service but top Indian Telecom company skip to apply for this opportunity of the tender.

A senior Jio executive said''  We should be leave service provider to decide the Internet connectivity service so we should be specially on this 4G world to enhance the speed of the 4G connectivity.

Low participation in the tender's main reason is that the wifi hotspot is being stolen in most cases this is the main reason to not participation in this tender.

It was an ambitious for the government to make the India more digital before the next election. 

Government’s aim is to have 1.25 million Wi-Fi hotspots across the country by March 2019. But the Top telecom companies isn't showing it's interest in bidding or apply for the Tender of the 1.25 Lakh wifi hotspot.

It is worth knowing that the body that floated the tender is the state-owned Bharat Broadband Networks Ltd (BBNL). which is responsible for leading the national broadband venture, Bhartnet.

At press, Top Telecom companies hasn't replied for the ET's queries.
All the Telecom company is trying to force the 4G service not the wifi hotspot service more.

When the Bharat Broadband Network limited (BBNL) is approached officially and said, There is no inconsistance in the form or document for apply in the tender.

The Wi-Fi hotspots are 5-10 metres high and the cellular towers are 30-40 metre high. and there is more chance to be stolen of wifi hotspot.

the tender has only seen interest from MTNL, ITI, Telecom Consultants India (TCIL) and Bharat Electronics (BEL), the ambitious plan of the Government does not seem to be coming as expected.

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