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Gen. James Mattis surrendered Thursday as Secretary of Defense after President Donald Trump's intend to pull back troops from Syria ended up open on Wednesday. 

Mattis, in a letter to Trump, clarified his renunciation saying, "... we can't ensure our interests ... without keeping up solid unions and appearing at those partners." 

Here is the letter Mattis sent to the president clarifying his renunciation. 

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Dear Mr. President: 

I have been favored to fill in as our nation's 26th Secretary of Defense which has enabled me to serve nearby our people of the Department with regards to our natives and our goals. 

I am glad for the advancement that has been made in the course of recent years on a portion of the key objectives explained in our National Defense Strategy: putting the Department on a progressively solid budgetary balance, enhancing preparation and legality in our powers, and improving the Department's business rehearses for more noteworthy execution. Our troops keep on giving the abilities expected to win in struggle and continue solid U.S. worldwide impact. 

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One center conviction I have constantly held is that our quality as a country is inseparably connected to the quality of our one of a kind and far reaching arrangement of coalitions and associations. While the US remains the imperative country in the free world, we can't secure our interests or serve that job viably without keeping up solid partnerships and appearing at those partners. Like you, I have said from the earliest starting point that the military of the United States ought not be the policeman of the world. Rather, we should utilize all devices of American capacity to accommodate the basic guard, including giving powerful initiative to our collusions. NATO's 29 vote based systems exhibited that quality in their duty to battling close by us following the 9-11 assault on America. The Defeat-ISIS alliance of 74 countries is additional evidence. 

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Correspondingly, I trust we should be unflinching and unambiguous in our way to deal with those nations whose key interests are progressively in strain with our own. Unmistakably China and Russia, for instance, need to shape a world reliable with their tyrant show - picking up veto expert over other countries' monetary, discretionary, and security choices - to advance their very own advantages to the detriment of their neighbors, America and our partners. That is the reason we should utilize every one of the devices of American capacity to accommodate the basic resistance. 

My perspectives on approaching partners with deference and furthermore being clear-looked at about both censure performing artists and key contenders are emphatically held and educated by more than four many years of submersion in these issues. We should do everything conceivable to propel a global request that is most helpful for our security, success and qualities, and we are fortified in this exertion by the solidarity of our collusion. 

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Since you have the privilege to have a Secretary of Defense whose sees are better lined up with yours on these and different subjects, I trust it is appropriate for me to venture down from my position. The end date for my residency is February 28, 2019, a date that ought to enable adequate time for a successor to be selected and affirmed and also to ensure the Department's advantages are legitimately explained and secured at up and coming occasions to incorporate Congressional stance hearings and the NATO Defense Ministerial gathering in February. Further, that a full progress to another Secretary of Defense happens well ahead of time of the change of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in September so as to guarantee steadiness Within the Department. 

I vow my full exertion to a smooth progress that guarantees the necessities and interests of the 2.15 million Service Members and 732,079 DoD regular folks get distracted consideration of the Department consistently so they can satisfy their basic, nonstop mission to secure the American individuals. 

I particularly value this chance to serve the country and our people in uniform.

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