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What is MAC address andWhat is the use of MAC address and What is the use of MAC address

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What is MAC address

mac address

Connecting to the Internet using Local area network (LAN). In a LAN or any other network, The computer has an unique MAC address that contributes with the computer's IP Address. And the address is unique for globally. The LAN network connects your IP address to Your MAC address when you connected your computer to the Internet.

The Media access control MAC address use Data link address DLC for Communication protocol.

It is also called as a Hardware address or a Physical address. The MAC addresses are 6-byte (48-bits) in length and is shown as a MM:MM:MM:SS:SS:SS format. The first 3 digits are ID number of the Manufacturer. and  the seconds 3 digits are serial number of the MAC address.

What is the use of MAC address

Every network cards that is in the desktop or laptop or a device . That ever components have the  it's own unique MAC address. and when we connect to a network or Ethernet network then the devices MAC address connects to the IP address to continue the process of the network and the device connecting. When the packets is sending to the network and the MAC address of the packet and device is matching then the connection would be succeeded if not matching then the network would be discarded. There are some special MAC address such as. ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff, It is the special MAC address that is used in the network property.

IP address and MAC address working together

IP address is stand for Internet Protocol and it is the unique identity of the devices and the network cards or network source. 
MAC address identifies the device with it's unique MAC address. This MAC address is provided by it's manufacture.

The IP address sends the data from one network to another network,
The MAC address is used to sends the data to the correct device on the network.

Let' understand how.. 

If your name is George. and it is not as unique because  there are many people may be with this name. so if you go for more information such as George son of Asgard of son of Humayu. so if you go for more information than the name will go for unique so it is the MAC address.

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So if i want to post something to you than if i provide the post man only name than it is very difficult to reach you. but if i provide post man your name and your postal address than the post man will easily reach you. and this is a MAC address.

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