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Microsoft is combining with Minecraft company to see the Upgraded campus

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Microsoft is combining with Minecraft company to see the Upgraded campus


It is almost nine years for initial release of Mojang's Minecraft. and 4 years for the $2.5 billion buying from Microsoft company, Microsoft has closed the $2.5 billion dollar contract of Minecraft with the developer. And the developer of the video game Minecraft is Satya Nadella's. And Satya Nadella's first multibillion deal was the Microsoft contracting. Satya Nadella's first Multibillion deal was dealt on February, 2014 and Then he was the CEO of the video game company Minecraft.

Starting this year, 2018, Microsoft make a list of the Blockworks . Blockworks is a that uses Minecraft. That design the Real world project's for creating the miniature for the campus facelift. And this is aimed to complete in the year, 2022. Minecraft giving more than a wildly popular game. The minecraft games has a 91 million monthly active users. and 250 downloads monthly. And now the technology is helping the employees to get aquint to the Microsoft companies campus in the Redmond.

Microsoft is buying 500 acres campus in Redmond, Washington. Microsoft  has already 18 buildings for Minecraft. Beside the cricket and soccer fields. So Microsoft has commissioned to make the new Headquarter for Minecraft's  version for Employees. and the virtual version of Minecraft is also created in Minecraft version of Disney, Museum of London, Warner bros buildings.

When the Microsoft and the developer of Minecraft was started the $2.5 billion project in february, 2014. Then the windows phone and xbox was at the boost time.

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Microsoft has closed support for Minecraft's on the apple TV. And the game was removed from the Store. and the Game won't receive updates any more. Minecraft was the worlds second biggest game company. It was second after Tetris. The Minecraft is available on almost all platform. Minecrafts almost 154 million units was sold. And also has almost 91 million users active monthly.

We are very thankful to Apple TV community. Because the Apple TV community has supporting us. But now they have to distribute the Minecraft's to it's all users platform so that the users will get use the games.

Microsoft announced a new Xbox One S. This was for those who want to play the Hit video game. And in the packs it will come with a bundle of 1 month subscription and 1 week for gold plan for it's users. It is Xbox one S and after sometimes it will be launched Xbox one X so keep on eye and wait for that if you are interested in playing the Xbox games.

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The Minecraft's apps support for Apple TV was started before two years ago in the UK at the cost of 20 UK dollar. It is started to alerting to users from 24 September that the Apple and Microsoft contacted with Each other for comment. Now the users won't be able to purchase the game from the Set-top box app store.

Set-top boxes was make much more struggled for attracting the mass amount of audience with their games that is available on the Apple TV, Amazon's Fire TV stick, and Google's android TV. Their was much more audience and users or player's on The big TV screen sizes, users like that games most.

Minecraft is helping Microsoft company for it's next revamp campus plan. and Minecraft has give it's employee a huge amount of opportunity to make changes on the video game ahead.

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