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How to make a website using blogger

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How to make a website using blogger

You are thinking that making a website is very difficult but you will be very happy when you will know that it is very easy so in this article you will learn how you can make a simple website using blogger. You need to buy domain and hosting services to build a website. but blogger giving us the service so that we can easily and freely create a website on

How to make a website using blogger

1: Log in on

Go to and Log in with your Gmail id and password. and If you don't have Gmail account then you need to create a free Gmail account click on sign up or create an account on the log in page. blogger is the product of Google so that you need to Log in with your google account.

2: Create a new Blog

And now the time is to create a new blog. so click on new blog to create a new website.

3: Enter website name and title

Now you have to enter the website name and title. after that choose the appropriate theme that you want. you can change the domain and title and theme later and add a custom themes later. now click on create blog.

on the next screen you will be asked whether you want to buy a custom domain or not so click on " no thanks"

3: Create new post

On the next screen you need to click on new post to create a post on your website. and after clicking on new post you have to write your article.

Post settings.

Label: Enter the category that you want for this article such as if this is news category write news and if this you want to put in tech category write tech and whatever you want you can write on this.

Schedule: Set the date and time at you want to publish this post or article. if you want to publish this post immediately after clicking on publish button choose 'Automatic' button.
Link: In this setting choose the link you want to use for the article. that URL you will enter in your browser to visit the article. so choose custom Permalink and enter the URL that you want to use for visiting the article or choose Automatic to decide the system to use automatic link.

Search Description: In the search description you can write the titles, headings, or starting lines of your article. so that your article will get the rank on the search engines.

Option: In the option setting choose the option that you want such as Reader comments, Compose mode, and Line breaks. and press Done.

Location: Enter or choose the location from where you are writing this article and publishing.

create website

4: Publish the post

Now it's the time for publishing your article. so press on the Publish button at the top right corner.

5: Sharing your post

After clicking on Publish button you need to share your post so that the article will be published and the visitors will be visit to your article and website. so initially it will be asked to share the post to Google plus. share the post on all the social media and other platform so that you will get more views and traffic on your article or posts.

6: Visit your website

Now click on view blog to go to your website and see how this looks. bloggers theme is not looks such as professional. so you can easily buy and download the theme from internet and make your website a professional looking website.
create website


You can easily change and customize the themes of your blog. so click on theme at right side. here you can see the example of blog that how the blog will appear in smartphones and in a desktop.

Custom theme: if you want to use the custom theme for your blog. so download the themes from internet and save that file in your PC. now just click on the 'Backup/Restore' button at the top right corner. and now click on the choose file. and choose the theme file and upload that file. and you can also copy and paste the html code in the edit HTML option. the HTML code is in the theme file that you have downloaded.

Customize: You can easily customize your theme just by clicking on red color customize button. In customize option you can change blogs Themes, Background, Gadgets, Text Fonts, Text Size, Width and Height, and many more things

Edit HTML: Clicking on the edit HTML you will see the the full blog's HTML and here you can paste the HTML code that you have download from internet.

And click SAVE button after making any type of changes in your blog.

That's all, so tell me if you have any question regarding to this i will help you as soon as possible. so follow this steps and  create a new website on my best wishes is with you always..

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