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How to make an USB drive bootable And make the USB drive bootable without software

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How to make an USB drive bootable.

Many times we have the DVD  drive but we think to boot the computer or laptop system using USB drive. so before booting from the USB drive you need to make the USB drive bootable.
continue to read this article so that you will learn to know how to make an USB drive bootable.

Format USB drive to start making bootable

Making the USB drive bootable is also a easy task. but before making the USB drive bootable first you need to format the USB drive using the software that is provided by Microsoft company named Command Prompt.


  • Insert your USB flash drive into your computer.
  • Open Start Menu and type CMD to find Command Prompt. Right click on Command Prompt and click Run as Administrator.
  • Alternatively, you can also open the Command Prompt by pressing Windows+R > Type CMD > Press Enter.
  • Once the Command Prompt window appears, type diskpart and hit enter. Wait until the diskpart utility starts running.
  • In the new diskpart window, type list disk and hit enter. It will show you all active disks on your computer.
  • Most probably, you will see two Disk types.
  • Disk 0 is for the hard drive and,
  • Disk 1 is for your USB Flash Drive with its total capacity.
  • Since we are going to work on to create bootable USB using CMD, we will work with Disk 1.
  • Type select disk 1 in the same window and hit Enter. You will get a message ‘Disk 1 is now the selected disk’. That means, any further operation that you do will affect your disk 1 directly.
  • Type clean and hit Enter to remove all of the data in the USB drive. Clean command will format your bootable drive. You will get a message like ‘Diskpart succeeded in cleaning the disk’.
  • Type create partition primary and hit Enter. You will get a message like Diskpart succeeded in creating the specified partition.
  • Type select partition 1 and hit Enter. It will choose partition 1 for setting up it as an active partition.
  • Next, type active and hit Enter. It will activate the current partition.
  • Now, type format fs=ntfs quick and hit Enter. This command will format your current partition as NTFS file system quickly.
  • Type exit and hit Enter. Exit command will close the Diskpart program but it doesn’t close the CMD window.

After that the USB drive is fully formatted. now you need to make the USB drive bootable.

Make the USB drive bootable using software.


  • Insert the USB drive into your computer or laptop system
  • Open the Power iso
  • click on menu "Tools" bar and a pop up window will appear that i shown you below. after that click on "Create bootable USB drive"

  • bootable usb drive

  • After clicking on "Create bootable USB drive" a windows will pop up
  • Here you need to choose the Image file in the " Select source file or compact disc" section with that you want to boot the system
  • Choose the USB drive in the " Destination USb drive" section. which USB drive you want to make bootable
  • make the USB drive bootable without software
  • Choose the proper write method, "USB- HDD" writing method is recommend to write the USB drive to make it bootable
  • click on "Start" Button to make your USB drive bootable. 
  • And now the USB drive will alert you that all the data that is in the USB drive will be erased. Click on "Continue"

bootable drive

If the writing process successfully finished now your bootable USB drive is ready to boot the windows or any other Operating system. in your PC.

How to make the USB drive bootable without software 

Copy the bootable files to USB drive

There are many software available online to make the USB drive bootable. with the help of the software you can easily make your USB drive bootable. But we need to have the knowledge of how can we make the USB drive bootable without software.


  • Insert the DVD  drive that have the Bootable files
  • Go to "My computer" right click on the DVD  drive that have the file
  • Open the DVD  drive
  • Select all the files in DVD  drive
  • Paste the copied file from DVD  to the USB drive

Congrats now you have successfully created a bootable USB drive.

So after creating the Bootable USB drive now you have setting the systems BIOS settings.

  • Restart your PC and after restart suddenly Press the F1, F2, F11, F12 (That is specified with your PC) to open the BIOS setting.
  • After opened the BIOS setting you need go to the "Boot" menu.
  • Now select the booting from USB to primary
  • And now save the settings and exit
  • Now again restart your PC and open BIOS settings.
  • And now click on USB or Removable Drive or any other option that would be appear in the boot section.

That's it...
Now your booting process will start..........

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