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How to get the full speed of the Internet || Maximize the speed of the Internet

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How to get the full speed of the Internet || maximize the speed of the Internet

Sometime we don't get full Internet speed. We bought a high prices fast Internet speed Router or Modem but we don't get the Internet Speed that is shown in the advertisement. The speed is giving by Router or Modem . with Modem we get the speed but with Router or Modem we need to buy the Best broadband plan with the high speed and low price. after that yet you don't get the full speed. In this tutorial you are going to know the facts that Interfere and distract or reduce the Internet speed.

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1. Interfere devices

Their are some devices in the home that interfere our Router or Internet devices such as Owens, AC's, and any other Router or Modem and other network devices that interfere the speed of the internet and reduce the devices.

2. Distance

Please make sure your smartphone, Laptop and Router  has not much more distance between. Keep your both devices near your smartphone or laptop and Router . So that your Internet speed won't get too slow and make sure the signal is properly full showing in the Router and in the smartphone's wifi signal is also full.

3.Data usage

In the smartphones and in the laptop or computer their are many applications that always running in the background so please stop that application to run in the background so that your smartphone and laptop's Internet speed will go to achieve more speed.

4. Reboot

When you are using your devices for much more time it needs refreshment. Your devices needs Reboot after too much use. So don't forget to reboot your devices a while. When your Internet speed's gets down.

5. Check Internet speed

After all that you should test  your Internet speed. it would be some Improvement in the speed of the Internet. so keep all that always in mind to do so.

Issue fixing

1. Optimize the browser

Many times we face the Internet speeds go down. and when we load the page it takes too much time. Then we should make the some changes in the browser. In the Google's Chrome browser we have a Data saver extension. So that the Data saver extension will optimize the web pages and give us the faster page load. so it will shows some internet speed improvement. and then the page loads faster than before.

2. Troubleshoot the connection

When we use the Internet in the PC we have some feature to fix the issue that is called Troubleshooting. So we can try this fixing ways.

  • Right click on Wi-fi icon
  • wifi

  • And click on the Troubleshoot problem
  • After that choose the steps that shows
3. Disable Windows update

We use the Internet in PC and speed is very slow but in smartphones the Internet speed is very good. Their is a problem in the Windows 10 PC. In windows 10 PC the update process is always running in the background and the update is available frequently. And that uses our Data and Internet speed also to download the update. So you need to fix the issue. To fix the issue we need to disable the windows update....


Open services press WIN+R
Click on "Windows update"
Choose startup type "disabled"
Click on " Stop" in Service status
And now click on OK or Apply

That's it...

Now your automatic windows updating startup would be disabled...
4. Reset

Sometimes we using the Router or Modem that has much more and that gets too slow so then we need to do is to Reset the Router or Modem .
after resetting the Router or Modem it will be fully refreshed and then it will give us the fastest speed

5. Check your Data usage

Check the data that has been already used and if the Router or Modem or your service provider's data Limit has been over than you need to buy more data for using the Internet. Because when the data has been fully used and cross the data limit it will slow down the Internet.

6. Change your Router/Modem

The main reason of slowing the Internet speed is bad Modem or older Modem so you should try some new Modem Buy the new Modem that has the new feature and the Latest version of wi-fi.

7. Update the Firmware/Software

When the Router /modem's version gone to old then the performance and the security of the device become unstable and then the speed of the Internet goes to down. So please upgrade to the latest version of the Firmware/Software. So that you will get best speed and security and the best performance.

8. Call your service provider

If trying all that fixing trick it doesn't solve the issue then you should call your service provider and fill a complaint about your problem then they  will try to solve your problem.

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