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How to fix bluetooth problems || Bluetooth not showing fixing

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How to fix bluetooth problems || Bluetooth not showing fixing

We are facing the Bluetooth issue in windows 10 anniversary update so you would start to want to Downgrade it's Operating System to it's predecessors windows 8.1 or windows 7 but now I will show you the fact that that cause issue in your windows 10 anniversary update bluetooth issue.

  1. Disabled Bluetooth Support service
  2. Outdated or incompatible Bluetooth drivers
  3. Other unknown causes
  4. Program or software you’ve installed that causes conflicts
  5. Incorrect operations you’ve performed
  6. Issues caused by the Bluetooth device itself


What causes bluetooth pairing failed

Bluetooth is working with Hardware and Software and then if your Either hardware or software has any type of problem then the Bluetooth problem occur. Hardware problem means the defected hardware or any old hardware. Software problem means Bluetooth driver or any other issue that is occur by using the any software that has the viruses or any type of malware.

Bluetooth version

If your bluetooth version is 4.0 or 4.2 then the seconds device's bluetooth version is any older version such as 2.0 or 2.2 then the problem occur because the bluetooth version don't support older version bluetooth devices.

How to fix the Bluetooth issue

1. Clean up your devices

Cleaning up your devices is most devices because the device may be infected with viruses that cause it to be unstable. So please make sure your devices is virus free.

2. Download a proper driver

Download the best driver  for your bluetooth so that your bluetooth will work fine. and make sure the driver  you are downloading and installing is the Latest version and is compatible with your devices.

3. Update Hardware's firmware

Sometimes the firmware are a little older then the bluetooth is not supporting the firmware and the bluetooth is latest version such as bluetooth 4.0 or 4.2 then the bluetooth cannot work properly so you need to update your firmware too. So that your device will start to work fine.

4. Enable the bluetooth support in services

If your bluetooth support service is disabled then your bluetooth won't work so you need to Enable the Bluetooth support services in Services menu. See below how to enable the bluetooth support services step by step.


  • Go to search box and search "Services"
  • bluetooth

  • Click on "Startup type" and choose " Automatic"
  • Click on "Start" in the Services status section
  • And now click on "Apply"

That's it now your Bluetooth support service is Enabled.

5. Clear the Bluetooth cache

Clear the bluetooth cache data in android phones so that all the cache data will be cleared and your Bluetooth devices would be refreshed. Then it will start working perfect. 

  • Go to setting
  • Click on "Backup & Reset"
  • Now click on "Network setting Reset"
  • Click the "Reset Setting" button
Now your setting is Resetted

6. Fully charge your both Bluetooth devices

There are many device in the market that uses Power management system so when the charge is low then the devices automatically Turn-off the Devices. To manage and Save Power. So please make sure the device has sufficient charge.

7. Delete Paired device

Sometimes the devices that is already Discovered and saved and again that don't share the files and connect to device. then you should remove the device and search again then it will work perfectly. To delete the paired device just tap on the device in the bluetooth setting and click on the forget devices. by this the problem would be fixed.

8. Reduce the Distance

When we are trying to search the device using Bluetooth then sometimes we make the devices much more far from each other. Then the problem occur. When we are searching for devices then we should make less distance between them so the connection will be connected.

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That's it... By using this way of fixing your device will start work perfectly.

If you have any question regarding this please comment and i will try to help you as soon as possible.

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