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What is tethering and How to fix slow USB tethering speed?

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What is tethering and How to fix slow tethering speed?

What is tethering and How to fix slow tethering speed?

What is tethering?

Tethering is refer to connect two or multiple devices for sharing the internet to such as the smartphone's Internet can be shared by enable the tethering on mobiles 
settings>More>Tethering and portable hotspot>enable the wifi hotspot or USB tethering or Bluetooth tethering.


What is USB tethering?

USB Tethering is connecting the device to another to share the internet using a USB data cable. and we have to install the proper driver to use the USB tethering. when we use the data cable then we called it USB tethering. Go Into android mobile's setting ->more->tethering ->usb tethering->on .And enable the mobile data or wifi of your mobile,in the similar way you can also use Bluetooth tethering.
We always use Internet on Our smartphones and on Laptop or Computer. and we use wifi as a network to access the internet and sometimes we use the USB tethering such as. from smartphone to PC. Internet sharing using the USB data cable connect it from smartphones micro USB port and the second one to the Laptops or computer's USB port. by this cable we get the Internet access this called USB Tethering.

What is Wifi Tethering?

Wifi tethering is called the Wifi Mobile Hotspot, It is commonly most used because this is the best way to access the Internet just by Enabling the wifi in the Devices that has wifi Feature. The mobile phone or smartphone that has the Mobile network Data Connection that we can use as a Wifi Router. we can use to share the wifi just by enabling the Hotspot. and now you can easily connect your smartphone, Tablet, and Laptop or a computer that has wifi feature. wi-fi tethering use more battery.

What is Bluetooth Tethering?

And the third choice is to share the Internet via Bluetooth. In bluetooth Tethering you need to just enable bluetooth and pair both the device that has Internet mobile data Connection and second device that you want to access Internet using Bluetooth.
after pairing the both the device you need to enable bluetooth tethering by going smartphones
 Settings>More>Tethering and Portable Hotspot>click on Bluetooth Tethering
 and connect both the device and use Internet. But the Internet speed would be a little slow than Wifi, or USB tethering. and the Internet speed is depend on the Mobile Data and The bluetooth version. But the Bluetooth tethering use Less battery than the Wifi or USB tethering.

How to fix the slow tethering speed?

If you are using Smartphone as a Hotspot and the Laptop or PC for using the Internet.

In wifi tethering you need to make sure in your Laptop or PC that the driver is up to date. or Latest driver. and after installing the driver don't forget to restart your PC. and reconnect the wifi.

In USB tethering you need to make sure your USB is correctly plug in and the USB is not defect. and also install the Latest driver. after that you need to make sure that your device is updated.

In Bluetooth Tethering same you have to make sure your driver and the setting of the bluetooth is correctly saved. and the proper driver installed.


if your problem is not solved. The Internet service's getaway is very transparent so that the Internet speed is fastest in smartphones but the speed is very slow in the Laptop or PC. Now you have to contact your service provider because the Internet speed is prohibited by you service provider.

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